Terrarium Workshops 

Teenytinyterra delivers fun and informative terrarium workshops for small – large corporations, parties, brands and events. From 10-150+ people, we can make your event stand out from the rest!

Step-by-step class focusing on creating a low to moderate light, open or closed lid terrarium with tropical plants. Learn about propagation techniques, plants, how to prepare the plants & vessel, correct layering & plant placement and adding a theme. Plus, tips and tricks on how to ensure a healthy environment in the terrarium and how to care for your creation once you take it home.

Included in workshops

  • Intro into terrariums, plant care, propagation techniques and plant styling
  • Vessel for your creation
  • All the plants you need to create your masterpiece
  • All building materials including soil, moss & drainage rocks
  • All the tools needed to build your Terrarium
  • Decorative soil toppers including a Teeny-tiny character figure
  • Care sheet to keep your creation healthy and happy
  • Packaging for your creation

To learn more or book your event please email  [email protected]